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We service most all major brands of electronic organs, and some pipe/electronic combination instruments. Among the organs we service in many churches are from Allen, Rodgers, Hammond, Saville. In the home organ world are: Baldwin, Conn, Kimball, Lowrey, and others. We not only service your church organ, but can provide you an interesting alternative when your old organ is no longer serviceable. Our digital organ conversion systems can make your old analog instrument sound like a pipe organ for much less cost than a "big box" company can provide for a much higher price. We customize the instrument for your church usually using your existing console. We remove the failing electronic system and replace it all with a propriety custom built digital system. This system will provide all the features, and more, than your older organ had such as multiple memories for stop registration, a Transposer system, and a MIDI system to play more than just the organ with other sound modules added to the organ. Ask us about the way we can provide you with this new technology addition to your church.

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